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6 things men should give up for the right one
27.01.2021 14:08

A relationship with the woman of your dreams: What sounds like a six in the lottery is one too. Only that you have to give a little something in exchange

I'll tell you how it is. Even if the glossy magazines and motivational guides want to make you believe something else: You just can't have everything in life. At least not all at once. Because everything has its time, including our different phases of life and the associated behavior. At the moment, as a reader of this article, you may be stuck in the one in which you are more or less actively looking, occasionally dating women, but in the end are not so sure about it, and have now just met the one who may could really be. You enjoy your free time, exercise your freedoms and are not accountable to anyone. Great! But such a dream woman needs space in your life. Therefore, there are a few things you should definitely pay attention to as soon as things get really serious on the front lines. Everything has its time - and these six things should give way in favor of the next happy phase of life:

1. The self-centeredness

Don't worry, you will most likely remain a person with a will of your own and two legs to walk where you want to for the rest of your life. However, right now you are deciding to live for two and that means: You have to learn to think in a we-form, to show consideration and to take responsibility for your actions. The self-sufficient bachelor life may be over, but of course complete self-surrender does not mean a partnership. Rather, you are now slipping into a role in which you can reinvent yourself.

2. The lack of plan

Live into the day and see what's going on tomorrow? You can of course also work together wonderfully at the beginning of a relationship, but after a while a rough direction of travel is desirable. Here and now love is great, but if you are looking for long-term happiness you should have some perspective in mind. Who are you and where do you want to go - in life, in love and in general? Only when you have a plan for yourself can you plan a future for your future wife. With the right mix of individual and common goals.

3. The righteousness

Surprise, you're not the only one with an opinion in a relationship. You used to be the ruler of the fridge, Saturday night planning and the Netflix account, but now the scepter is suddenly split and differences of opinion lurk around every corner. The magic word is logically: willingness to compromise. You probably won't get very far without them. If you want a woman with her own opinion, say goodbye to your stubborn head.

4. The bad habits

Take a deep breath, nobody has to mutate into Mr. Perfect to make an impression. But there is guaranteed to be a quality or behavior in you that has actually been annoying you for a while. Maybe you are an inattentive listener, somehow spend a little too much time in front of the paddle console, often squander your salary in the pub or just can't get away from fast food. With a little luck, your queen of hearts will love you despite these semi-attractive habits. Nevertheless, now would be the best time to finally take it off.

5. The laziness

What you can get today, you'd better get it today - at least if you want to win a woman for yourself. There is hardly any other masculine quality that makes women as fuzzy as innate comfort. And what applies to household chores or exercise also applies to the relationship itself: love is not only an affection, it also means work, dear men. If you just lazily rest on your great catch after a successful hunt, you may soon be rid of it.

6. Perfectionism

Of course, it's nice to always look at love through rose-colored glasses. But in addition to all the great aspects, it can also be exhausting, demand strength, patience and nerves at times and not always look like the perfectly staged couple selfie from the picture book. That doesn't mean you have to or can endure anything. It's just that you have to realize that no person and no relationship is flawless. This thought can be very liberating.


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