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10 reasons for a relationship - the happiness of togetherness
26.01.2021 18:01

Nobody wants to be the third wheel on their car - they would much rather be in a relationship. Do not you think? We have put together ten good reasons why a partnership is just great

Whoever imagined his future as a child will often have dreamed of a partner, offspring and a house with a garden. How much of this is realistic remains to be seen - but this longing for the great love of life comes from somewhere. Today there are umpteen life models - and yet for many of us a partnership is the ultimate. And that's okay too. Because there are good reasons that speak for a classic two-way relationship and also for polyamory.

1. The supporting hand

There are the beautiful sides of life, but also the difficult phases. In a relationship you have a soul partner by your side who will help you even in hard times in life and who can put a smile on your face despite all the painful feelings. Life is easier with two people - in good moments anyway, but especially in bad ones.

2. Take and give love

Of course, self-love is important. But the feeling of being loved - despite all weaknesses and without having to pretend - is irreplaceable. In addition, love is not a one-way street, because you give it back to your partner. This also increases your own satisfaction. You are loved, needed and can open your heart.

3. Time for two - always

Sometimes me-time is great and of course a wine evening with your best friends is a lot of fun. But everyone will know: it is not so easy to coordinate with loved ones. With the partner, quality time is much easier to achieve with two people. Whether falling asleep together, trying out new hobbies or simply spending a Sunday evening on the couch with pizza and Netflix - we like to share things like that.

4. A life of intimacy

In a partnership, intimacy is fundamental and over time you grow closer and closer to each other. No more alcohol-intoxicated one-night stands, the dating app can disappear and cheesy dates are a thing of the past. In addition, nobody tries to couple you with the "great guy from work". In a partnership, you can experience a kind of intimacy with your partner that you would otherwise hardly experience.

5. Personal growth

In a relationship we get to know new sides of ourselves - and grow beyond ourselves. Because we share a life. You suddenly compromise. You learn that many little things in everyday life are not worth the excitement. With each of these experiences you look at your life with more serenity.

6. Healthier life

Research shows that people in long relationships live healthier and consequently longer. Together you can set goals for yourself as a couple, such as a daily workout or a healthier meal plan. In this case, trust is good, but control (by the other person) is better or at least more effective - you can get through such changes in pairs. Let's ignore the extra pounds from the evening series.

7. Confidence and motivation

But it's not just the fitness program that is easier to pull off with a partner. Overall, in a relationship you have someone by your side who motivates you. Whether in terms of career, social contacts or personal development - your motivational coach is at home and enhances your self-confidence when you need it.

8. Trust and security

Plus, your partner is also the person you can share all of your most intimate feelings and thoughts with. You feel secure and understood when you talk to your significant other and you can unload everything with him or her. There are some things you don't want to talk about with your best friend or your parents - but you can pour your soul out to your partner.

9. Share tasks

For most, everyday tasks tend to be exhausting and annoying. All the better when there are two of you! Annoying purchases, house cleaning or cooking are more fun together anyway and if the going gets tough, you can give something away and maybe take on more for the week afterwards. Or not ... if you ask nicely.

10. Common future

Working towards goals together means not only implementing the daily workout plan, but also imagining future plans. Nothing is better than indulging in dreams with your partner about what life will be like in five, ten or even twenty years.

Take your luck in hand

As you can see, there are enough good reasons to be in a relationship. Of course, that doesn't mean that singles are unhappy because of it. Because what fulfills you the most is in your hand. And if, despite your longing, you still have no one by your side: Don't be desperate when looking for a partner, there are many great men and women out there who want to be conquered!

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