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5 modern dating tips that really pay off
27.01.2021 14:12

Tired of nonsensical dating tips? These five dating tips are current, timely and have a hand and feet!

As a single today, you are confronted with dating tips and well-intentioned advice on how to find a successful partner on every corner. But no matter how often you listened to your forgiven friends and heeded their self-tried rules for the first date - so far love has not really worked.

But no need to worry, all the couples are probably just out of the dating game for too long. Because that has changed rapidly in recent years and those who do not stay on the ball can fall on their face with their behavior on the first date. So forget all the hype about most of the old social camels: The following dating tips are based on current studies and contain everything you really need to know!

# 1 of (contemporary) dating tips: There's no point in hiding

Whether you have thin hair, broad hips or have been around for quite a few years: Whatever you perceive to be a shortcoming in yourself - don't try to hide it from your new acquaintance for as long as possible, but stand by everything you do are even. An age-old profile picture on the singles platform has a short-term effect as well as cheating with personal information, because your appearance and behavior on the first date will be the spook anyway.

Dating tips # 2: Articulate disinterest in a friendly way

The latest findings confirm what most seekers have long known: whether the acquaintance has potential is already decided in the first fifteen minutes. If it hasn't worked by then, the majority still bring the date to an end, but then keep it with sincerity. According to the modern rules for the first date, it is better to give the other person an honest "Unfortunately nothing will come of us" message instead of his number if you are not interested.

# 3 of the dating tips: Give up the helm sometimes

For many years it was a sign of male decency to take the first approximate steps and to take the bill as a matter of course. To this day, some women enjoy these traditions and like to be invited to wine and kisses. Now, however, more than forty percent of women are all in favor of equality. In terms of behavior on the first date, this means in concrete terms to act better at eye level and to take turns when it comes to leadership.

Other things men should give up in relationship to make them work well.

# 4 of the dating tips: Don't go all out right away

If you discuss the best dating tips with friends, you inevitably get stuck with one crucial question: How far should you go when you meet, if everything fits? Current studies show that only one in five single is actually ready to hop into bed together on the first evening. So you'd better wait a little longer - at least until the second meeting, even if you have enermousley strong love magnetism.

# 5 of the dating tips: Report afterwards - the right way

A classic among the decrepit tips for the first date: Don't report too quickly or excessively afterwards, otherwise you will become uninteresting. But honesty lasts the longest and whoever says directly that he liked it instead of waiting three days saves valuable life. By the way, singles prefer to conduct their after-date communication over the phone and, surprisingly, not via WhatsApp, Messenger and Co. With a friend request on Facebook, according to the current rules for the first date, you should rather wait until the matter is more serious.


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