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Love like magnetism
26.01.2021 18:01

Our anonymous or reader does not believe in dual souls and kinship, but she is convinced that love can be like magnetism: an attraction that she cannot escape.

I've never had this experience in my entire life. One day a man stepped into my life - quite casually. And an explosion of emotions hit me. It was clear to me from the first moment that this person is my opposite pole. The man who attracts me like a magnet and without whom I cannot exist from now on. Our attraction is, how can it be otherwise, mutual.

Every time we see each other, magnetism kicks in. We look at each other, and an irrepressible, irrepressible desire takes up all space. My heart fails, each of my senses is sharpened to the limit, I have hardly any control over my body. Tunnel vision sets in and I cannot take my focus away from it.

We attract each other like magnets

It, my magnet, reacts in a mirrored manner, it comes close and closer to me, and we cannot help but fall upon one another at once until the first wave subsides and we can give space again to words and thoughts. We can't leave any space between us in anything, no sheet of paper fits between us.

When we socialize, no matter where, and don't want to let anything show, many still notice how tight the bond is around us. We would not be surprised to see a real bond that binds us together. It is impossible to pretend that we are just good friends or colleagues. People feel it. There is a force of attraction between us that nothing and no one can stop.

I can already feel it, although I don't see it yet

There is certainly more between heaven and earth than we know and will ever know. Nevertheless, I think - at least for myself - that I cannot clairvoyant or even have supernatural abilities. However, I cannot explain this phenomenon to myself: When I smell my friend from afar, I don't know where the knowledge of his close presence comes from. I haven't seen it with my eyes yet, but I know it's not far - then I look and then I find it. Before we (coincidentally) meet, he can feel the gaze on his back and turns to me knowing that. We even attract each other over long distances - or to put it another way - we feel ourselves.

The parting then hurts not only in the heart, but also physically. If I sometimes don't see him for weeks, and can only talk to him from a distance, every memory, every picture, smell or scraps of music hurts. I can't avoid them. I don't even want it. The pain comes from my incompleteness; I don't feel physically complete when he's not with me, even though my mind knows I'll see him again. My head needs the nourishment it gives me in our conversations.

Is love like magnetism?

I have chosen against believing in dual souls or soulmates and other concepts. The image of the north and south poles serves as an explanation of our magnetism.

When I once asked him what it was between us, why we cannot do without each other, why we have been physically reacting so violently to one another and this for so long, why every second hurts without the other, but why we still don't talk about addiction he replied with three words: "It's love."


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